Will writing

It’s a staggering fact but 70% of people have not written or prepared a Will. 7/10 people who die are leaving behind a potential nightmare. The death of a loved one can be bad enough, but leaving everything behind without a Will just adds to the misery and distress.

With a professionally drafted Will you get to know for certain that what you want to happen can be done and you determine who gets what and the whole process of estate management can be completed with the minimum of fuss.

As industry specialists we have seen first-hand the devastating effect of someone passing without a Will can have on a family. Previously close knit families can literally be torn apart. Anger, desperation and frustration as the management of the estate can be left in the hands of the government officials and on their time frames.

There can also be many unwanted surprises to beneficiaries of an estate.

If a person dies without a Will, they have died ‘Intestate’ and their estate will be distributed under the Rules of Intestacy.

Now, not only does it appear that the government decide who gets what, the rules of Intestacy are not straightforward and can even be challenged by someone you may not even know and they can also end up as a beneficiary.

Dealing with Intestacy after the death of a loved one can be daunting:

  • Only a married or civil partner, or another direct relative may inherit the estate.
  • Partners who have divorced legally may not inherit but those informally separated and still married can.
  • Adopted children have equal rights to birth children but step-children are not catered for unless specified in a will and half-siblings can also inherit.
  • Under certain conditions grandchildren or great-grandchildren can inherit if the estate is valued at more than £250,000.
  • A Spouse or civil partner may be entitled to a life interest.
  • If no blood relatives exist, the Crown can take the whole estate.

You shouldn’t need to be told the benefits of a Will but they sort out a lot of things at the worst possible time for most people. Our Will writing service is £175 for a single Will or £250 for a couple. It’s not worth not doing.

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