Do I really need lasting Powers of Attorney?

Do you really need house insurance? Do you really need life insurance? Well, technically we don’t really need anything BUT we all know that when something goes wrong, WE ALL NEED HELP! 

Life can sometimes give us lemons, sometimes those lemons come at us in bunches at one hundred miles an hour when we are least expecting them.

The reality is that we do not know when or indeed if we will need Lasting Powers of Attorney but if we don’t have them registered and in place before a problem arises, we will suffer. Oh, how we will suffer! 

If you fall victim to ‘incapacity’ through illness, accident or freak event and you are declared ‘incapacitated’ by doctors, your family cannot step in and run your affairs…that’s the law. 

Many people think they can rely on their family to step in to help but legally they will have no say in what happens unless they are named as attorneys on your Lasting Powers of Attorney.

In such cases, the State, in the form of Social Services, will take over the financial decisions and the healthcare decisions. Let that reality sink in for a moment. 

To avoid unnecessary heartache, financial devastation and leaving your family in limbo, get advice from a professional about setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney.

It may well be the best conversation you ever have. To make a start look here now.

Do I really need lasting Powers of Attorney?