My parents died without writing a Will…what a mess!

Not writing a Will is a very common occurrence. It need not be, but it is. People just don’t really like thinking about the end of their life and that is understandable. What they always forget to think about are the people left behind to tidy up the mess…yes, YOU!  

We call this, dying ‘Intestate’… a fancy word for not having a Will and the green light for complicated and heart wrenching paperwork as the estate is handled by strangers. Not only is it administered by strangers, in many cases it is strangers who get the money!  

It’s true, if you die without making a Will there is a strict protocol to distribute the estate and it often goes to family members that have never been part of the deceased person’s life. 

Here at Spear we are ready to take on the fight for you and settle the estate on your behalf. At least you won’t have to put all the hard work in and watch others walk away with shares of the estate that were intended for you and your family! We will complete everything correctly and leave you free to write the next chapter of your life. 

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My parents died without writing a Will…what a mess!