My family will always care for me…or will they?

Should you ever become incapacitated your life will change beyond recognition in more ways than one. ‘Incapacity’ is the medical term used to denote someone who has lost the mental and/or physical ability to make decisions and run their own life.  

Alzheimer’s and dementia are common ways people become incapacitated but let’s not forget car accidents, falls, viruses, workplace injury, chronic diseases …… all of which can send shockwaves throughout a family without notice.  

Family members, in these cases, have no legal right to make decisions for you unless you have previously made provision for them to do so. The State, in the form of Social Services, steps in by Law and takes over both your financial and health care decisions! Even though you may have family present who are ready willing and able to act for you, it is up to the State to decide who makes the final decision on all matters related to your life.  

This can leave a family in turmoil, without access to funds and feeling useless, unable to help as they would normally wish to. Can you think of anything more frustrating? 

There is however a solution…. surely you didn’t think we would leave you without help! At Spear we always have solutions and this time the solution is called Lasting Powers of Attorney. 

These documents give power to people you trust to run your affairs if and when you are unable to, read more here and rest easy! 

My family will always care for me…or will they?