minimising estate liabilities, pay less

We could reduce the amount the estate owes by up to 60%.

Spear offers a uniquely focused service for our ‘executor clients’, minimising estate liabilities.

This service will advise you on the lawful and true extent of the estate liabilities. We will identify all claims that are unlawful, deficient or unenforceable, leaving the estate to only pay those claims that by law it must.

The amount of estate liabilities reduced does also have an impact on the calculation of any Inheritance Tax liability,

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Typically when someone dies, the estate should be ‘valued’ as at that date, this means calculating the overall position once the assets and liabilities have been netted out.

When instructing our solicitor, we will focus attention on minimising estate liabilities looking at the creditors and their claims against the estate. We will scrutinise and filter any claims, using the full range of legal procedures, Consumer Law, Estate Administration Law, Property Law, and use the FCA and other regulatory guidance.

Typically this can result in a range of reductions of the claims against the estate from somewhere between 30-60% of the presenting liabilities. As you can imagine, this is of great value to all the beneficiaries of the estate.

Our Fees

There is no upfront cost to the estate, any initial advice and reviews are completely free. Before starting you will be given an estimate of the legal merits of the various matters, and the casework that is undertaken will all be on a “no win no fee” charged at 20% of whatever is reduced or eliminated from the liabilities, so you can see there is simply no downside. You will find a more detailed section on our fees and charges here.

It is unfortunately the case that when someone dies, people and companies do come along from everywhere claiming they are owed money. Executors will often not know who these companies are.

This does not mean that bona fide or valid estate debts, such utility bills, council tax or other tax liabilities to HMRC can be avoided, but claims by banks, credit cards, personal finance agreements, car loans, sub-prime finance, including claims by debt collectors, debt-buyers, bailiffs and sometimes even individuals require careful checking.

We specialise in establishing whom, if any of them, are entitled to a penny. We advise the estate and are paid by the estate, only when we save the estate money. You can see that our interests and those of the estate are directly and closely linked.

Not only do our procedures aim to reduce the overall estate liabilities this process is all completed within a specified and defined period. Our mission as you can see is to save the estate money.

Our pledge to all Executors or Administrators is that, if you contact us as soon as possible, before paying out anything, we will tell you quickly which of the claims has any realistic chance and for how much.

Start minimising estate liabilities today

As you can see, it doesn’t cost you or the estate a penny to find out. We could maybe save the estate up to 60% of the presenting liabilities which the estate was going to pay anyway.

If you want to start minimising estate liabilities, just call 0330 8080 453 or contact us.