Why it’s kind to set up a funeral plan.

For many of us the very thought of setting up a funeral plan is a bridge too far.

We all know that having a Will and Powers of Attorney are vital, but the other important consideration is a funeral plan…why? 

It is a very kind thing to do for your family, they are the ones who must make plans when they are still devastated by your death and in shock. They are the ones who will have to find the cash to pay for everything. They are the ones who must imagine what you would have wanted.

All in all, it is a thankless task which takes away from the time family members should be supporting each other. 

Isn’t it better to set down the details and have paid for everything in advance?

Purchasing a plan today will ensure that no matter how prices rise (and they will!) in the future, your arrangements are complete and secure.

Your sound financial decision and your final thoughtful gesture will not go unnoticed and will help the family move forward. Think about it, for more information on funeral plans here or contact us for help and advice. 

Why it’s kind to set up a funeral plan.