I’m an executor in a Will and I don’t know what to do…help!

Like many people, the job of being an executor is a one-off happening, certainly the first time you do it is confusing and far more complicated than you expect it to be…trust us , we know!! 

In order for a Will to be administered there needs to be at least one executor, a person who has the legal authority to carry out the terms of the will to settle the debts of an estate before paying the beneficiaries their share….provided there is some  money left!  

What many people do not know is that if a mistake is made, even an innocent mistake, the legal liability lies with the executor…that means YOU. 

If this concerns you, and why wouldn’t it, then you can revoke your right to be an executor and let a professional complete the job and take on the liability for any mistakes.  

At a time of great emotional turmoil doesn’t it make sense to get the very best professional advice and help to get this job completed quickly and efficiently?

To find out how to get that advice and help click here and talk to us directly…you are only one call away from getting rid of all the anxiety and confusion. 

I’m an executor in a Will and I don’t know what to do…help!