House purchasing service

In some circumstances the disposal of a house is very time sensitive and has to be done sooner rather than later. Our preferred partner in this field is the original and largest property buying company in the UK, and pride themselves on the service they provide to our customers.

Unfortunately, as highlighted in the 2014 Office for Fair Trading report, many property brokers and investors offer a sub-standard service and are very misleading.

Our partners buy directly from you (the seller). You deal with them every step of the way, from initial enquiry through to legal completion, and right up to receiving the money in your bank account. All of their purchases are 100% cash, they do not need to obtain mortgage finance or find an investor.

They have substantial cash reserves, so there will be no delays. They will buy at a discount to market value, but they are upfront about this discount from the outset, and there is never any cost or obligation.

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