minimising estate liabilities, pay less

Sadly, in today’s environment there are few times when we are allowed a time to reflect and organise our thoughts before someone is banging down the door wanting answers. If you are having to battle debt collectors on behalf of a deceased family members estate, you will know what we mean. If you listen to them, you would be forgiven for thinking the sky is falling in on you…but wait! 

Not every debt needs to be repaid, a great number of debts are unenforceable, and you may be one of the thousands of people about to pay money from an estate that does not need to be paid. We have the skills and expertise to examine the debts and contest any that are not properly accounted for by creditors. We can often eliminate between 30%-60% using our proven methods. More here.

Think about it…… eliminate the hassle AND keep more money in the coffers for the beneficiaries. Sounds like a good move and we here at Spear agree.

Contact us now and we can take over the messy business of dealing with creditors while you concentrate on family and friends and the next phase of your lives. 

Debt collectors appearing from who knows where, can’t my parents RIP?