About us

SPEAR was born out of the difficult personal experience of one of our Founders.

It was directly as a result of trying to sort out the estates of two people, a close relative and a friend, who had both suddenly passed away. In each case the bureaucratic systems turned out to be horrendous and the procedures was a minefield for the unwary, all at a time when what was really needed was sensible support

Arrangements for medical certificates had to be collected from different hospitals, taken to different registry offices to collect the death certificate, then to deal with the probate court for the certificate of probate. Next was the enormous task of going through files and papers trying to establish all the assets of the estate, houses, cars, savings, stocks and shares investments, businesses, and so on. Fortunately these were modest estates and neither of them turned out to have any inheritance tax due, otherwise things would have been even more complicated.

Even when you have assessed all the assets, you then have to determine all the liabilities just as carefully. This has to be done extremely diligently as the person tasked with sorting out the estate can be personally liable for any mistakes.

One of the individuals that passed away had two properties that needed to be sold and the other had a running business with staff to wind down and they both needed funerals arranging. All of this took a huge amount of time, effort, resources and travel to and from all the different destinations.

Spear was started to help people eliminate this huge administrative burden, especially when it comes at a time of such sadness. What we wanted to create was a Single Point of Contact. It means exactly that.

We have developed a company that can help you with all of the issues that arise when someone dies and you’re left to deal with the lot, all aspects of estate management. To our amazement, no other company in this sector offered such a service and we hope to help you through the next few stages with the minimum amount of difficulty.

Along the way, we identified additional steps that can be used to significantly reduce estate liabilities and so leave you and any other beneficiaries much better off.

The process does require careful examination of the paperwork left by the deceased, but some claims made against the estate by alleged creditors can be lawfully resisted and some liabilities reduced and others removed altogether.

SPEAR was set up specifically to help people like you. We are passionate in everything we do, especially helping you sort out the many issues that come with administrating the estate of someone whom you may have recently lost.

Before you do anything, especially pay anyone any money, please get in touch. It won’t cost you a penny to find out if we can help you.

Please call 0330 8080 453 or click here.