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We are SPEAR, Simple Probate and Estate Administration Rights. We are here solely to improve the end of life process for friends, family, loved ones and the beneficiaries of someone who has recently passed by offering affordable expert legal advice or service from our panel solicitors.

Our aim is to provide the most complete, holistic, single point of contact, end of life company, offering the greatest overall service, one that is the most beneficial to the client.

You may already know, if a loved one dies the people who are most affected by it are usually the ones required to arrange everything.

You may have to organise and apply for the probate certificates, deal with the estate, maybe also the house sale, businesses, calls from various solicitors, arrange funerals and so on. This can be an overwhelming burden, especially some of the form filling.

We hope to help and guide you smoothly and compassionately through this difficult time and trying estate administration process.

minimising estate liabilities, pay less

Minimising estate liabilities

We could reduce the amount the estate owes by up to 60%. Spear offers a uniquely focused service for our ‘executor clients’, minimising estate liabilities. This service will advise you on the lawful and true extent of the estate liabilities.

probate assistance

Probate administration

We could complete probate for you – often at no cost. As probate administration must be sorted at a time when you could do without it, we have made it really simple for you. There are several categories for you

Will writing

Will writing

It’s a staggering fact but 70% of people have not written or prepared a Will. 7/10 people who die are leaving behind a potential nightmare. The death of a loved one can be bad enough, but leaving everything behind without

powers of attorney

Powers of attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that authorises others, known as your attorney or attorneys, to act on your behalf. There are several types of Power of Attorney and the one you need depends on your circumstances and

minimising estate liabilities, pay less


Private Property Trust By simple definition the Private Property Trust (PPT) helps to protect a share of a property. You may want to do this to pass down your share of the property to future generations and it’s a great

equity release

Equity release

Equity release refers to a range of products letting you access the equity (cash) tied up in your home if you are over the age of 55. You can take the money you release as a lump sum or, in

Property sales and conveyancing

Property sales and conveyancing

If there is a property in the estate it may require a transfer of ownership or be sold. As part of our holistic service we work with several preferred partners. Two of these preferred partners are a nationally operating estate

House purchasing service

House purchasing service

In some circumstances the disposal of a house is very time sensitive and has to be done sooner rather than later. Our preferred partner in this field is the original and largest property buying company in the UK, and pride

Funeral assistance

Funeral assistance

Our preferred partners are committed to ensuring your loved one’s funeral is personal to you. They will get to know you and all your wishes for your loved one’s funeral, so they can organise a beautiful service which pays homage

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“The Single Point of Contact” is not just our mission statement it’s an absolute fact.

If you’ve been tasked with looking after the estate of someone who has just passed we provide every service you could possibly need to do exactly that.

Meaning, there is no reason to go elsewhere for anything else you should need.

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